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Safety and Health in the workplace is a key concern at Zavala Corporation. The safety of our employees and others working around us must be a part of every operation. It is Zavala Corporation policy to provide our employees with a safe work environment through training and reinforced supervision. Without question, safety is every employee’s responsibility at all levels.

We at Zavala Corporation believe in the dignity and importance of the individual employee and in your right to derive personal satisfaction from your employment. It is the policy of this company, therefore, to provide and maintain a safe and healthful workplace, and to follow operating procedures designed to safeguard all employees, resulting in safe working conditions and efficient operations. Zavala Corporation considers the safety of its employees, the public, and its operations of paramount importance. Safety will take precedence over expediency or shortcuts in operations of the company and every attempt will be made to reduce the possibility of an accident occurrence. – Excerpt from Zavala Corp. policy book/binder

Safety program includes…

Safety Meetings: At least once a week Zavala Corp. foreman will conduct a safety meeting and discuss with their crew about workplace hazards and safety. For example, fall protection, slips-trips-falls, ladder safety etc.

Pre-task plans: Pre-task plans are a great and effective way to get crews talking about the task that they will be perform that day. They can discuss the hazards that will be present, ways to eliminate hazards if possible, proper PPE and other items.

Safety inspections: Our in-house safety officer will visit job sites once a week and carry out a safety inspection. Once inspection is complete. The safety officer will meet with the job site foreman and discuss any safety findings and concerns. Corrections are made immediately to protect workers from any hazards.

New hire orientation: As new workers join our Zavala Team. Our safety officer meets with hew hires and go over safety policies and procedures.

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